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Rules & Guidelines


  1. Main instructor will be addressed as "Sensei" and Sandan (3rd degree and above). Other instructors like Shodan and below will be addressed as Sempai, or San after their first or last name, or Miss or Mister. 

  2. Everyone will be treated with equal respect. Adults should be addressed as Miss or Mister.

  3. Everyone will "Rei" or bow before entering and leaving the dojo.

  4. No shoes will be worn in the dojo.

  5. No smoking, gum chewing, or unethical language in the dojo.

  6. No horse playing in the dojo.

  7. No sparring without Sensei's permission, brown belts and above excluded.

  8. If taking medication, inform the instructor prior to class.

  9. If you are injured before, during or after class, please inform your instructor.



  1. Be at the dojo 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

  2. Use the restroom prior to coming in the dojo.

  3. Inform Sensei of any illness or injury prior to class.

  4. Be respectful and courteous to fellow students.

  5. Be helpful to other students who may be having difficulties.

  6. Leave shoes or sandals outside the dojo or inside on shoe rack; always line them up neatly.

  7. Show respect to assistant instructors.

  8. Have dues turned in by the first of the month.


  1. Do not come to the dojo under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  2. Do not push or shove students when lining up.

  3. Do not wear jewelry or watches during class.

  4. Do not wear dirty gi to class.

  5. Do not forget to thank your parents for allowing you to come to class.

  6. Do not misuse or abuse the teachings of the dojo on people outside of the class, as well as family.


It has always been assumed by the time one reaches black belt that he or she has developed enough experience to know how to run a class when the chief instructor is not present, but what about the brown belts and even green belts who are assisting and how should another black belt correct another if they are teaching something incorrectly. The following are a list of guidelines to assist in keeping the dojo running in a smooth and respectful manner. 
  1. Before class, all black belts shall be acknowledged by bowing when they enter the dojo. Who ever notices the arrival of the black belt will immediately say, “Face the door”, in a loud and clear manner then the highest ranking student/ instructor will say Sensei or Sempai ni Rei.
  2. If class has already begun then only senior instructor will stop the class and Rei only if the black belt is senior in rank to them.
  3. All instructors or assistants will always be respectful to all students at all times.
  4. Instructor in charge will never correct another black belt in front of another student(s). Unless the black belt is teaching a group of brown and black belts a kata or weapon etcetera.
  5. Whenever possible try not to put a student under the age of 15 teaching a student over 18.
  6. Always treat adults 18 and over with respect. Do not yell at them.
  7. Do not degrade or humiliate any student at anytime.
  8. Do unto others as you would them do unto you. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  9. Only Okinawa Kenpo Karate and techniques and drills associated and approved by the Dharma- Dojo will be permitted during dojo hours.
  10. Absolutely no grappling in the dojo during sparring or break time. No grappling with those of the opposite gender unless they are over 18, willingly consent and is after hours with control and for teaching purposes.
  11. No kickboxing without proper gear.
  12. Only Okinawan weapons training is permitted unless a special training seminar is being held. This includes Chinese weapons, katana or escrima.
  13. Do not use excessive force when teaching (Anything that could cause bruises or breaking).
  14. Ju-jitsu, Aiki jujitsu, Judo etcetera are permitted with care.
  15. Secondary instructors will correct individual inappropriate behavior at the individual level, by removing them from the group and taking them to the side. 
  16. Any adult student (over eighteen) overseeing children misbehaving or being abusive to another student may separate the students in a respectful manner if a black belt is not present.
  17. Sparring in the dojo shall be kept under control at all times with no facial contact and light body contact only.
  18. Sweeps and take downs are permitted with control but no locking and only one strike with take down.
  19. Any time there is a question on Bunkai or application or move in a kata, please see the head instructor whenever possible. A junior student should never correct his senior. If there is a clear difference of opinion, confront him or her during break and in a respectful manner and both parties should clear it with the head instructor at the same time to avoid any confusion.
  20. Black belts leaving the class should be acknowledged unless training is still going on.
  21. Any students not listening to an assistant instructor will be given 1 warning. Then, for the second warning, the student will be asked to sit down for 5 minutes. If after he returns and still does not listen, he or she will be excused from training for the rest of the class. 
  22. Instructors, please try to be in class and ready 10 minutes before class starts. Be a good example.
  23. Always remember high morals and ethics when instructing.
  24. You represent your school 24 hours and 7 days a week in or out of the dojo. Refrain from gossip, foul language and bad behavior.


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